A Journey Into Film was founded by a college graduate who found it more interesting to study and discuss films with his roommate than study for his classes.

A Journey Into Film follows the idea that life is a journey, not a destination. Film education and film appreciation are the same. Everything we write is meant to inspire thinking about why we like certain films and what it is we like about them. We should never settle on a selection of favorites and never reach out to discover more. Our hope is that each post not only stretches our thinking and understanding of film, but yours as well.

Who are we?

Nigel Doerfler – Founder/Writer/Podcaster

Nigel’s idea for A Journey into Film was born mostly out of his love, no, obsession, with film. Over time that obsession has helped shape his understanding of what makes a film good or bad. He currently holds a bachelors degree in Theology & Apologetics with a minor in Old Testament Studies. He is married to a beautiful woman and together they raise two fur babies Rocket and Quincy. Outside of his love of film, he also enjoys philosophy, comic books, and a black cup of home roasted coffee.



Josh Covert Writer/Podcaster

Josh holds a Bachelors and Masters degree from Liberty University in Religion. His passion for film blossomed at an early age and film analysis has always been an important hobby. His education involved training in using tools such as hermeneutics and exegesis to unravel the meaning behind ancient texts. Josh believes reading and watching film to be similar learning experiences. Although you can passively watch a film, you must mentally engage it to understand it and unravel the subtextual meaning.




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