The Lego Batman Movie

Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars 2014's The Lego Movie might just be the best animated film of all time. The story had so many layers to it for both adults and kids to enjoy, while revitalizing interest in a brand that seems to be as old as time, and also cashing in on the … Continue reading The Lego Batman Movie


Fight Club 2

In 1996 Chuck Palahniuk publishes his book Fight Club. Three years later in 1999, David Fincher and 20th Century Fox release the movie adaptation of Fight Club that is beloved by just about everyone. Then comes 2015, in the middle of the great nostalgia and sequel renaissance, and Chuck Palahniuk releases Fight Club 2 a comic book sequel to his novel, … Continue reading Fight Club 2

Marvel’s Villain “Problem”

Tomorrow, hundreds, maybe even thousands, of nerds from around the country will open their doors for the UPS man or flock their way to the nearest Best Buy to get their hands on Avengers: Age of Ultron. Age of Ultron will mark the second time some of our favorite Marvel heroes have banded together to … Continue reading Marvel’s Villain “Problem”

Cinematic Universes

This past weekend, Marvel released another movie into its continuously growing cinematic universe, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. In my opinion this is by far the best movie Marvel has produced so far. But, this post isn't about Marvel's continued successes, this is a post about why I think they are doing such a good job at … Continue reading Cinematic Universes

Kingdom Come: Revelation According to the Justice League

What happens when Superman and Batman run out of villains to battle? What happens when the superheroes of today get too old to save mortals like us? Does the world really need Superheroes? These are just some of the questions asked by Mark Waid and Alex Ross in their mini-series Kingdom Come. In the future the … Continue reading Kingdom Come: Revelation According to the Justice League

There is Only One Superpower Now

First off I would like to apologize for being late on this post. Classes were cancelled because of snow Thursday and Friday and I was far from being productive. Second, I thought that this week instead of tying together some part of culture and theology I would put on my nerd hat and write a … Continue reading There is Only One Superpower Now